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    When you are contemplating making an investment in your future, realize there is a difference in the company you select as a partner.  You may shop with confidence at The Beecher Group.  After 62 successful years, thousands of customers have learned there are no better people to purchase their salon furniture from than the Beecher family and their employees. 

    • We offer the widest selection of QUALITY AMERICAN & European made beauty salon furniture at the lowest prices. 
    • Need help with a salon layout?  We will create one that works for you, at no charge. 
    • Not seeing exactly the equipment you want?  We will modify our standard designs or custom build from scratch the equipment you want. 
    • After the sale service?  ALWAYS. 

    For the companies whose equipment we offer, The Beecher Group is the top seller in the USA.  We have earned this position by doing things right and taking excellent care of our customers.  When you need beauty salon furniture, you need The Beecher Group.
    To place your order call Alan at (800) 247-1660 x20.  You will get the answers you need and the right
    equipment for your business that fits your budget.

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it is The Beecher Group’s intent to help you to create the salon environment that reflects your personality, creativity and makes you proud to greet your clients.  To help reach that goal, we have reached out to suppliers “outside the box of salon equipment companies” to offer you unique ideas.  Browse our special Salon Decor New Idea Section


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Our Companies
Collins Manufacturing Co. is an American company with a reputation for building the finest quality salon furnishings.  Collins Manufacturing offers a complete array of salon styling chairs, salon styling stations, receptions desks, salon shampoo stations,  Everything you need to create your beautiful salon.  And Collins backs their quality product up with an industry leading warranty.  The Beecher Group is the largest seller of Collins equipment in the USA.  Salon furnishings by Collins of special note are the Commander Barber Chair, Aluma Salon Styling Chair, Maleeta Reception Desk, European Backwash Shampoo System, and Soho Styling Station.

After years of being an independent producer of salon equipment, Jeffco Salon Equipment is now a division of Collins Manufacturing Co.  It is produced in the same factory as Collins equipment and just as well made.  Changes to the list of materials used in the manufacture allow Jeffco salon equipment to be sold for less money.  You will find Jeffco Salon Equipment to be an exceptional value.  While very cheap Chinese imports of salon equipment are available all over the Internet from companies you have never heard of, you can buy Jeffco Salon Equipment for the same value-oriented pricing and do so with the peace of mind that the companies you are dealing with will treat you fairly, be here tomorrow to service your needs and have the knowledge and desire to assist with making an intelligent purchase.

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