The Beecher Group is the largest seller of Collins salon equipment, America’s finest salon equipment manufacturer. 

Collins is located in Cookeville, TN and manufactures quality salon equipment that provides the greatest value you can buy.  Salon equipment of such quality comes with the longest warranties in our industry. 

Buy with the confidence that comes from buying the longest lasting beauty salon equipment at the lowest price.
The Beecher Group imports the finest salon equipment from design companies in Europe.
WEN FIRST backwash unit: Thanks to harmonious movement of seat, backrest and footrest, offers to the client a lying down position with the best comfort level and the maximum relaxation.  By Pietranera.
Pietranera WEN First shampoo system
Sassi Salon Equipment
B40 Cobalt Barber Chair
Collins Aluma Styling chair with 5 legged base
Pietranera Salon Equipment
The perfect treatment table
Balayage Bleach
The rage of the professional beauty industry is Balayage highlights.  Use the bleach that prevents bleeding & running with its hard outer shell yet remains moist and effective on the inside
It’s Color 5.1 oz tube
Low ammonia content
Higher pigment concentration
Multi pigment color system
Amphoteric molecules
Conditioning base
Mixing ratio 1:1,
High lift shades 1:2
Easy mix and application
No scalp irritations
Development time 30-45 minutes easy to rinse
You Up2 Semi Permanent Gel
No ammonia
Mix of indirect/direct pigments
Protective bio-cosmetic formula with: jojoba oil, avocado and linseed and Argan Oil
Perfect natural results combined with maximum conditioning and shine
42 shades available
Maximum coverage of gray hair
Fades on tone
Can lighten up to 1 level
Please call us to place your salon equipment order (800)247-1660 x20 Alan Beecher.
There are many questions to be answered, colors to be determined, options you may or may not want.
We want you to get exactly what you want, when you want it and do not feel that online ordering of equipment ensures that.

Most of the products are displayed with pricing provided and required by our manufacturers.  Therefore we need
you to call us so we can provide you with our real, low price.  We believe the lowest in the USA on all the products we sell.

The prices of the salon equipment we import from Italy are affected by international foreign currency exchanges rates.
These rates, specfically the Euro/US Dollar exchange rate, are very volatile and go up or down, significantly even in just a few days.  Again by calling, we can provide you with exact pricing.

You can also tell us about your delivery requirements.  Some of the salon equipment we offer is available for shipment in one day, much of it is available in as little as two weeks in the color/finish of your choice.  Some of the equipment has a lead time of six weeks.  European salon furniture can take as long as 10-12 weeks for delivery.

We also have detailed information sheets on most of the equipment that we sell that we are glad to provide you with.
This kind of information helps you understand (and your plumber) what you are purchasing and removes the fear of not seeing the equipment in person.

We proudly sell the highest quality American manufactured salon equipment and the most beautiful well made European salon equipment.  You will not find cheap sure-to-break-down salon equipment imported from China here.  Our equipment should be the last equipment you ever purchase.

When you are contemplating making an investment in your future, realize there is a difference in the company you select as a partner.  You may shop with confidence at The Beecher Group.  After 64 successful years, thousands of customers have learned there are no better people to purchase their salon furniture from than the Beecher family and their employees.

•  We offer the widest selection of QUALITY AMERICAN & European made beauty salon furniture at the lowest prices. 
•  Need help with a salon layout?  We will create one that works for you, at no charge. 
•  Not seeing exactly the equipment you want?  We will modify our standard designs or custom build from scratch the
          equipment you want. 
•  After the sale service?  ALWAYS. 
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