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Salon backwash shampoo systems are designed for the person shampooing to stand behind the shampoo system.  When shampooing from behind a salon backwash shampoo system, there is no bending over.  You will feel so much better by the end of the day.  Ideally the plumbing is brought up out of the floor into the shampoo system.  However, it is also possible to bring the drain line and water lines out of the wall into the side of the salon backwash shampoo system.

The salon backwash shampoo systems featured here are American units.  These salon backwash shampoo systems are lower priced and very affordable, especially when compared to their European counterparts.  A few European backwash shampoo system are included here, but most will be found in our Italian Collection.  The European manufacturers are really design companies.  Their equipment is created with a look and style in mind.  When you see our European salon backwash shampoo systems you will immediately appreciate the difference in design.
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