Marble Products #2000, #3000, #4000 and #100 shampoo bowls are all made out of poured epoxy (also called “Cultured Marble” or “Man Made Marble”.  This is a very hard durable material but still a type of plastic.  A salon shampoo bowl manufactured with poured epoxy will last several years.  At the other end of the spectrum are salon shampoo bowls manufactured out of ABS plastic or fibreglass.  These are very light weight materials that will not hold up as long as other shampoo bowls.

Check your local building code or with your plumber to see if you are required to have a vacuum breaker on your shampoo bowl.  If you are required to have it, you will not pass inspection without it.  The reason salon shampoo bowls are often required to have a vacuum breaker is because they are outfitted with a shampoo hose which may be in the basin in dirty water.  If the water pressure were to drop in the building, the dirty water would be sucked back up into the building’s water supply.  A vacuum breaker prevents this from occurring.  Often a vacuum breaker is an optional expense, but Collins shampoo bowls all include the vacuum breaker at no extra charge.

Salon shampoo bowls may be outfitted with different water controls/fixtures.  A standard setup for a salon shampoo bowl is a one handle water fixture with a shampoo spray.  Some water controls have a metal handle, others are equipped with a plastic knob.  Pull up to turn on the water and control the pressure.  Turn left or right to change the water temperature. 

The Beecher Group sells an array of salon shampoo bowls to fit all needs and budgets:
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Just because you shampoo from the side no longer means you cannot enjoy the many benefits of a backwash shampoo system.  Now Collins makes it possible with their new Sidewash Shampoo Shuttles.  These innovative systems have a porcelain bowl that will never stain from haircolor, the bowls and backrests both tilt and the entire seat adjusts forward and back, all of which make your clients enormously more comfortable while being shampooed.

Not all shampoo bowls are created equal.  No shampoo bowl offers better quality or is a better value than a Collins porcelain salon shampoo bowl.  A major advantage of a porcelain shampoo bowl is the fact that hair color will not stain or discolor it, ever !.  Available in black or white color (you need no longer to be afraid to purchase a white bowl).
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