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The most sturdy and durable salon manicures tables are constructed from wood and covered in the laminate of your choice
The quality of a manicure table begins with the materials.  The substrates in Collins manicure tables are either cabinet grade plywood or cabinet grade melamine surfaced on both sides.  The exterior surfaces are laminated with high-pressure laminate (HPL) in the color, pattern, and brand you specify. Formica, Wilsonart, Pionite, Nevemar, and Laminart laminates are all available. The interior cabinet surfaces of the salon shampoo stations are black or white thermo-fused melamine which can be cleaned in the same fashion as the high-pressure laminate on the exterior cabinet surfaces.

Drawers are constructed of 1/2" vinyl-clad wood with a durable laminated drawer bottom. The drawers are installed using ball-bearing, full-extension drawer slides that will provide years of trouble free service. Cabinet doors, made from the materials specified above, are mounted with state-of-the-art 32mm European style cup hinges that are adjustable.

Manicure tables are also available constructed with plastic.  The drawer section of the table is manufactured just like a plastic cart.  The table top is made of laminate.

The most important decisions in finding the right table is the size manicure table you have room for, the amount of storage you require in your manicure table, and your budget.  Manicure tables may have only a center drawer under the table work surface or a center drawer with a single stack of drawers on one side or a stack of drawers on both sides of the manicure table.

If you are working with nail products with a strong odor, you may think it is worthwhile to invest in an air vent for your new manicure table.  This is an option that is available for all manicure tables.
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